Posted below are the names of the students that we would like to attend callback auditions on Wed., Feb 14th at 3:30 pm.

If your name is not on this list, don’t worry. We may have seen enough from you at auditions and have a specific role for you already.
No one is cut from the cast. Everyone who registers and auditions gets to be part of the cast.
  1. Ishaan Aravindaksha
  2. Natalie Bakken
  3. Abby Blakely
  4. Cooper Bond
  5. Makena Cazal
  6. Blair Chernow
  7. Aria Cullen
  8. Lindsay Hockman
  9. Nina King
  10. Ella Layer
  11. Jessa Linderman
  12. Jonathan Marx
  13. Lilly May
  14. Kammy McPhaul
  15. Stephanie Monk
  16. Tyler Nguyen
  17. Ava Selden
  18. Anna Sorrenti
  19. Marlene Soyeaux-Edwards
  20. Kate Tang
  21. Alex Walters
  22. Savannah Weinrick
  23. Cami Wilson
  24. Sloane Winquist