Basic makeup in a small cosmetic bag or other bag is fine.
Possible makeup needed:
Blush, eyeliner, mascara, lipstick (darker pink, nothing too light or too red)
They can wear base if they wantJ
  • Please have them bring a storage bin or box with their name on it for tech week! Storage bins with lids work best so we can stack them on top of each other on stage after rehearsal.
  • We will house their clothes and makeup in their bins.
The goal with make-up this year is to make sure the children do not look pale in the bright lights. Children can rely on the hair and make-up team to help them with their make-up or do it on their own. All I ask is that they have one of the hair and makeup volunteers approve of the final look.

The hair and makeup team will have lots of bobby pins and pony tail holders to pull up hair under wigs or hold buns in place. I still recommend having children bring some of these items just in case. Children must bring their own combs and brushes.